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I have gotten rid of the Google+ requirement. What a fail it was.
I have reposted the comments that would have been lost.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


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  1. I have gotten rid of the Google+ requirement. What a fail it was.
    I am reposting the comments that would have been lost.

  2. Thread 1
    George Donner
    So, you are going to rewrite the bible now? Did you note that the last passage of the article you quoted got the wrong verse? Seems they should have been addressing I Tim 2:12 not 1:12. And what do you do with other corroborating verses in the NT?
    Where will you stop in your rewriting? Should I sell you a sharp pen knife so you can cut a few other things out that aren't convenient for you?
    Be very, very careful Manfred. You may end up with nothing left to believe in. Isn't what you are positing above the same thing the serpent did in the garden of Eden? "Did God really say...?"

    Manfred Nissley
    I will fix the reference to reflect the beginning of his article. Thanks for the heads-up. He did specify that he was talking about 1 Tim 2 and not 1 Tim 1 earlier in his article.
    My argument is that these passages were rewritten by those who believed in Asceticism and Gnosticism in order to validate their positions to the masses.

    Manfred Nissley
    Could you specify which passages you are referring to? It would help a great deal!

    Manfred Nissley
    Regarding Ephesians 5.
    Also this conversation that brings up Papyrus 46, the oldest manuscript to date for Ephesians.
    This is also interesting.

    George Donner
    Have you considered Titus 2:1-5? How about I Pet 3? Or what about the fact that there are qualifications given for male leaders/teachers, etc, but none for women to fill those positions? The standard Pentecostal response is that that was a societal qualification and mis-using Galatians 3:28. There are restrictions in the NT for a reason, and arguing against them (like trying to rearrange the passage to re-interpret to fit a particular agenda...) will only take you down a road you really don't want to go.
    I have been there, done that and found it to be empty. When you undermine your trust of the received scriptures, then you are undermining your faith and the foundation of it. Think about it??

    Manfred Nissley
    +George Donner
    1 Peter 3:1 has a very interesting word "likewise" which means you must look at the context. I believe the context goes all the way back to 1 Peter 2:11. The entire context is in reference to submitting to worldly institutions, even one called slavery. The same can be said about the passage in Titus.
    But, the context is even more in depth than just possibility of the worldly institutions. It is even more likely that he was speaking only to the newly redeemed women who's husbands were unsaved!
    Oh wait, that is actually what 3:1 says.....
    Also, see here.

    George Donner
    I see you have bought into the egalomania. Too late... You can make it say whatever you want and reason away the clear teachings. I won't try to change your mind. I will pray for your eyes to be opened by Divine intervention.

    Manfred Nissley
    What is egalomania? I cannot find that in the dictionary.

    George Donner
    Try egalitarian...

    Manfred Nissley
    I reviewed egalitarianism, complementarianism, feminism, and patriarchalism. I believe more like the complementarianists. There is a book I just discovered that I want to read. It is called Complementarity without Hierarchy