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I have gotten rid of the Google+ requirement. What a fail it was.
I have reposted the comments that would have been lost.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Would You Accuse Jesus of That?

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  1. I have gotten rid of the Google+ requirement. What a fail it was.
    I am reposting the comments that would have been lost

  2. Thread 1
    Victor Kauffman
    Great post. You really put it into words the feeling that I had about this very subject.

  3. Thread 2
    George Donner
    Some good thoughts here. Don't press the passage in Gal 3:26 The context is not speaking of personal relationships at all, but the presentation and application of the gospel.

    Manfred Nissley
    I partially agree with you, except for one thing. Isn't the application of the Gospel valid for relationships? Isn't the entire purpose of the Gospel to bring the Good News of how we are to have a personal relationship with Christ?

  4. Thread 3
    Manfred Nissley
    I think I need to define what Pietism means in this context as people are confused as to what I mean by using that terminology.
    Wikipedia states that [quote]Piety in modern English usage can refer to a way to win the favour or forgiveness of [God][/quote]
    Now, if you add an "ism" to a word the result is typically, not always, a religion or a doctrine that is held as ultimate truth.
    Thus, I define Pietism as a Doctrine and or Religion held as ultimate truth telling you can win the favor or forgiveness of God by being holy and upright.

    Manfred Nissley
    Oxford dictionary
    Pietism: pious sentiment, especially of an exaggerated or affected nature.

  5. Thread 4
    Lester Bauman
    Hmm. Must be more than one way to read these posts. This hasn't been my experience at all. Certainly conservative Mennonites have problems, but you're stereotyping in a way that doesn't really hold water, Manfred. Either that or you went to a conservative church that is a lot different from the ones I have known.

    Manfred Nissley
    Floyd tended to err on the side of caution a lot. Things have been toned down the past few years, but they still like the Charity group a lot. They tend view their mother church, Bethel in Gladys, VA, as backsliding when Bethel has not moved in position much. It was one reason why they wanted to be unaffiliated.

    Steve Nissley +1
    Lester, there are variable cultures within the culture and each culture within the culture has various beliefs and teachings on various subjects, so of course its true that none of us can say one size shoe fits all. I my own youth I have experienced it where girls didnt want to sit next to a boy unless there was a bible on the seat inbetween you and her. Not only for dating but at any given time.

    Steve Nissley +1
    Does not build trust, makes the boy feel like a crimnal

    Steve Nissley
    Now I am rejoicing! Wow, thank God for your liberalizationed enlightenment!