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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Poems

The Poems

I wrote two poems earlier this year. I like the Redwall books and I decided to write these poems similar to the style that Jacques used. I had three people from Floyd County look at the poems to see if they made sense.  I have modified the poems slightly.

"A mighty sailor maid was silenced." 

A mighty sailor maid there is.

A foolish law of don’t speak at mess.

A mighty wave rocked the boat.

The sailor maid was gone.

But what caused the unnatural wave.

Soon it was discovered.

The sailor maid made the wave.

They found a note.

A deadly infection she had seen.

Just a little time she knew.

Before the infection spread to her.

Fear of the unknown and The Rain.

The captain sent out rescuers.

They found her walking on water.

They were infected, she said.

Acts 4:12 and 1 Cor 1:12, she quoted.

The captain was sad and held a meeting.

No more waves must hit our boat.

We must examine why.

Using more technology than the rest. 

Questioning old ideas.

They are the culprits.

Throw them overboard.

Most did not search their hearts.

Fear of the unknown and The Rain.

That is what they would have found.

With a heave ho and a splash.

Out went some internet usage.

Out went examining old ideas.

The infection spread like wildfire.

The poison even reached the hull.

Later, another large wave.

Nobody jumped it did seem.

Then they realized a twist in the story.

Another sailor had slipped off the boat.

He had gone northeast instead of southwest.

He had left without a note.

And he had made no waves, till now.

He began beating the water with a paddle.

A bottle with a note landed on deck.

Fear of the unknown and The Rain.

This made them weep.

2 Tim 1:7 he had quoted.

A few who were not infected now understood!

For those who stayed, some got it as well.

Virus mutation includes self-righteousness.

Their endeavors were impossible.

Fear of the unknown and The Rain.

They restrict knowledge of the truth.

Some young deck-hands noticed the infection.

They jumped overboard like mice.

Small waves and dark clouds forming.

A tent will do the trick.

Converted sails will do the trick.

A sinking ship from an unnoticed hole.

Everyone had focused on the deck.

Water in the storeroom!

The meat was moldy, the grain was bad.

Twisting of scripture 

Veneration of distorted history.

These superseded real understanding.

Hard sailing with only 400 year-old warped oars.

Port was finally made, the hole fixed.

A third officer and cook were hired.

To keep better watch the captain said.

They forgot about mold spores. 

2nd poem,

"25 years before the wave, another wave"

25 years before the wave another wave.

The sailor maid and her husband made it.

She must do so, or he will leave!

Together they did go.

The man is always your spiritual leader.

Or, so she had been taught.

She grew accustomed to new ways.

They both were drenched with The Rain.

They both were exceedingly glad!

Yet, she yearned for the “safety” of the ship.

Her husband was done with it.

Mentally unstable became he.

The husband forsook her and The Rain.

Mighty heartaches for the children.

The opportunity had come.

Back to the ship she swam.

The children were with her.

Heartaches melting away.

God wanted them there, for a time.

They saw the good and the very bad.

The bad outweighed the good.

The young lad had begun to study.

Compass, charts, and ships log-book in hand.

The log-book was found wanting.


The wise sailor maid had had enough.

Too many casting disparaging looks.

Too many casting disparaging words

Too many accusing her of having a devil.

Because of her experiences with The Rain.

Too many people looking at outward things.

Not enough examining their hearts.

Water witching highly spoken of by Mr. Money.

Cold air battling with Warm.

Money spoke volumes, old one must retire.

Money spoke again, stick with old ways.

Enough! She declared.

This was the reason for the wave.

It rocked that boat to the core.

Not because the wave did any damage.

The wave was quite small.

The Sailors and the Officers overreacted.

Instead of listening they withdrew.

The young man smiled.

History showed what they would do.

Sailor lad had prepared.

Stealthily he left.

Few saw the heresy he saw.

Pharisees teaching Gnostic doctrine.

Busy work revered, rest abhorred.

Easter Sunday confrontation with Mr. Money.

“Be glad you ain’t my son you lazy bum.”

He proposed physical harm. Emotional abuse. 

Lad laughed and joked to hide the hurt.

Visitors heard and were stunned.

Mr. Money forever ignoring.

Membership still in Georgia

No transfer allowed until he landed a local job.

Two years he waited, 1,500+ applications.

5 years after baptism.

No communion with the VA church.

The church that had baptized him.

Disgusted he left. Silently he left.

No excommunication for him.

GA granted congenial release request.

They saw the silly church and the distance.

They understood and bid go with blessing.

A small wave caused the ship to yaw.

Then, a big wave washed across the deck.

A message in a bottle.

Now they knew.

Basking in the Word.

No more ignoring his conscience.

Free in Christ indeed!

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