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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The War OF Independence: A Story of Betrayal

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  1. Fascinating!
    The root problem was the same problem that permeates many authoritarian homes (and churches). When the one at the top is not a servant, but a taskmaster, then those under him/her find it hard to grow into functioning adults. Watching one's children transition from childhood to adulthood becomes a struggle for control, instead of a celebration of growth and loving guidance.

    The foundational problem that laid the groundwork for the War for Independence was disrespect. Most people automatically think children disrespect parents, and this is the root issue. But I beg to differ. Children absorb the mindset of their parents. When parents disrespect a child, that child only knows how to relate to others the same way. Most authoritarian parents do not tolerate rudeness, backtalk, cut-downs, and abuse from their children. Yet, they often engage in these kinds of behaviors toward their children, thinking this is simply being a strong parent. But when we disrespect a child's soul, we only lay the foundation for a lifetime of reaping disrespect.

    Of course, parents do need to require respect from their children--not only toward the parents, but also between siblings. And the only way anything is really learned, is through modeling. Humility is the only basis for effective parenting.

    If King George III had been humble enough to listen to his "children" across the ocean, instead of demanding unthinking obedience, think how the history books would read now.

    1. Very true! My preacher actually brought out those points this morning as he taught the second part of Matthew 19.

  2. Have you read John L Ruth's book Twas Seeding Time?

    1. No, I have never heard of it. I will do some research on it.


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