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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Time for some History!

Well folks, I am going to slow the frequency of new post on this blog quite a bit. I will probably pop in every once in a while just to keep things going.

This term at Liberty I am taking one on-campus class and 4 online classes. The online classes cram 15 weeks of work into 8 weeks. There are three terms of online classes per semester. Basically, I will be taking three classes over the next eight weeks, and then I will take three classes the next eight weeks. In all, I will be taking a total of five classes.

My on-campus class is Biblical Worldview 102. This class will prove to be quite interesting. While BWVW 101 was mainly just a lecture with a small amount of class input, BWVW 102, from what I understand, will force the class to interact with each other and talk about some hot-button issues.

The four online classes will only be about history! My first online class is HIEU 201, this is basically an in-depth survey of European history through about 1600. It begins with a brief overview of how the early middle eastern peoples impacted the Europeans. This class as an incredible amount of work that goes along with it. This is the cover of the book for this class.

My second online class, HIWD 370, is basically an in-depth overview of the History of the World. It also starts off with the Middle East. Here is the cover of the book for this class.

My third online class is HIEU 202. This class will cover European history after 1600. Here is the cover of the book for this class.

My fourth online class is HIUS 221. This class covers American history from colonial times through the Civil War. Here is the cover of the book for this class.

I have a lot of interest in the American history class due to how my ancestors helped to tame the frontier in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. They even had to deal with brutal Native Americans.

One of my Amish ancestors had to escape from a native village. He then told the military what happened and the military went and used their authority to make the Indians accept a treaty and to give up the other enslaved white people. (Most modern conservative Anabaptists would look at this guy with scorn if this happened today. How dare he ask someone to use deadly force on someone else that had mistreated him and his family.)

Incidentally, if someone tells you the Liberty brainwashes its students and only shows them one side of an argument, you can laugh in their face. I was surprised to discover that the books I am using for my history class are based on the assumption that Macro-Evolution is true. These books were not written for Liberty, they are only being used by Liberty.


  1. Who was your Amish ancestor that escaped from that Native Village?

    1. Jacob Hochstetler. Here is the story of what happened.

      There is also a 40 minute documentary on the event.

  2. What a busy life you have! Was that Jacob Hochstetler on your & my Nissley side or your Yoder side. Or maybe its both because I think it is through the Hochstetlers that your mother and I are 3rd cousins, is that not correct?

  3. I believe it is on both sides. You and mom are cousins by way of several different branches, but in this case I believe it was Yoder.